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Taking Part in ABCpoll

Any men and women being 14 years old may sign up to ABCpoll Project. When signing up to ABCpoll Project you shall communicate your personal data to Cint AB who hereby warrants to comply with any and all legal requirements to protect such personal data (Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions). Cint AB shall not deliver any spam or advertisements to your e-mail specified in the course of signing up to ABCpoll project.

Panelists personal data shall not be transferred to any third parties without their prior consent. Any and all answers received from a certain panelist in the course of paid polls holding are not tied to his/her personal data or other ID and shall be considered only together with other panelists answers.

When signing up to ABCpoll Project you agree to communicate the information about yourself being completely accurate and shall complete paid polls in a good and honest manner. Cint AB may cancel your account in the paid polls system and reset it to 0, in case:
— a panelist additionally signs up to Cint system under other logins using other e-mail addresses;
— a panelist has poorly filled in the application form in the course of signing up, i.e. have communicated obscure and senseless answers
— a panelist is poorly completing paid polls, i.e. his answers fail to comply with completing time and logical control

In case ABCpoll Project participant within six months at a time does not follow the links provided in the letters of invitation to take part in paid polls and does not visit his personal account, his sign-up status may be shifted to sleep mode, and in the course of time shall be finally deleted from Cint system.

Paid Polls Completion

Letters of invitation to take part in paid polls may either be delivered right after signing up or after a while. To make such invitations to take part in paid polls more frequent any participant of ABCpoll Project shall complete his/her profile in the personal account providing as much detailed information as possible. The first to receive invitations to take part in paid polls shall be the persons most closely fitting each particular poll (for example, if a panelist specifies that he owns a car, polls in connection with automobiles shall be suggested to him/her more frequently than to those owning a car but failing to specify this fact in his/her profile).

Letters of invitation shall always specify each paid poll exact remuneration and the questionnaire approximate duration in minutes. Such remuneration for a poll shall be credited only in case the panelist has completed the poll. In case the panelist for any reason does not fit any poll (for example, a panelist does not fit the poll’s target group, the quota for the group a panelist represents was completed), in this case the remuneration shall not be credited.

Panelists answers collection for various polls may last from 1 day to a month depending on such answers appropriate number and each particular research goal. After collecting an appropriate number of answers a paid poll shall be closed, and links provided in letters of invitation shall be inactive. So, to take part in a poll and to receive remuneration, you shall proceed to complete a poll immediately after receiving a letter of invitation.

Remuneration Receiving

For each totally completed paid poll ABCpoll Project participant shall receive the remuneration. Remunerations total amount and the details regarding to all paid polls shall be available in personal account in section «My Account».

On reaching a minimal amount for money withdrawal each panelist shall be able to order money receiving from his/her personal account. Any and all payments shall be made by Cint AB in the month following the order for such money withdrawal (for example, in case a panelist has ordered money withdrawal in April, they will be received during May.)

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